HY-RW0 4 Acolyte IIs [BOVRL]

HY-RW0 4 Acolyte IIs [BOVRL]
4 Acolyte IIs where found wandering HY-RW0. Their data banks indicate they are disciples of a some deity. When attempting to query information on the deity the error missing No was returned and the technicans console became garbled.
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Nisuwa Beached Einherji [BALZZ]

Nisuwa Einherji [BALZZ]
Rescue teams detected a beached Einherji in Nisuwa after the aftermath of the Revenant incident. A specilist team that is able to handle large patients was brought in and after calming the Einherji down enough that it stopped flipping upside down constantly they were able to scope the Fighter and take him to a near by station.
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Nisuwa Firbolg warp troubles [BALZZ]

Nisuwa Firbolg [BALZZ]
A Firbolg was discovered in the aftermath of the Revenant incident. The Fighters data banks indicate that it was on its way to Nisuwa in order to get on the Revenant kill mail but a time distortion caught it in rought and prevented it from continuing on. Disapointed to learn that the Revenant had already died it was glad to accept our teams offer of safe haven.
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HY-RWO 2 Vespa II and 5 Ogre II scared for life

HY-RWO 2 Vespa II and 5 Ogre II [NO-M]
2 Vespa II drones where found at the scene of a murder in HY-RWO. They were found shivering in space and un willing to speak of the twisted hulls that surrounded them. Our investigators at the scene found 5 Ogre II drones huddling inside the wreckage but upon questioning them we received only blank stares. All 7 survivors were taken to our facilities to recover from the ordeal.
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Litom 32 Civilian Mining Drone unable to use Stargate

Litom 32 Civilian Mining Drone [QEVEP] <47R>
32 Civilian Mining Drones were discovered attempting to use the stargate in Litom to get to Jamunda. It appears the mining fleet left on its own for extended periods of time formed a cult and was on a pilgrimage to the great Veldspar Asteroid that is rumored to never run out of ore located deep in uncharted space. Now safely tucked inside a station they are happy to swap tales about its limitless bounty instead of chasing it through space.
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Litom 18 Bouncer II Held captive by hostile pos

Litom 18 Bouncer II [J3B]
18 Bouncer II drones where discovered being held hostage by a hostile pos in Litom. Our aid workers assured the pos of our peaceful intentions to save abandoned drones our ships were still fired on resulting in 2 critically damaged ship and one ship lost. Luckily we were able to get all of the drones to safety despite the hostile fire.
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